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How can we organize our supplies so our creativity is enhanced rather than blocked?



How can we manage our online art courses so we do the work that inspires us?



How can we get into flow quickly and take advantage of our time in the studio?

Pen and paper


How can we use our art journals and online blogs or social media to be more productive?

Kristina Solheim

Meet Kristina Solheim, Business & Success Coach for Artists  

With ten years experience advising PhD students, more than 20 years making art, five years studying and creating my own business and working with three business coaches, I know first-hand how amazing and yet isolating it can be to develop your art while learning how to run a business. I started Shortcuts in the Studio to build a community of artists who are at the early stages of their careers. I offer free mini-workshops and discussions about everything from organizing your studio space, to starting a business account on social media. I look forward to getting to know you! Email me any time at