Shortcuts in the Studio

Busy? Trying to be more efficient with your time?

Life is so busy! You have art courses and art supplies sitting there waiting for you to have a little me time, but when you finally do get a chance to do art, everything seems unorganized or overwhelming and it's just so hard to get started. So you watch videos while you do other things but you long to be able to do the art!

I've created this email list and a closed Facebook group called Shortcuts in the Studio. We started off with a bang in August with a FREE 5-day mini-course on how you can find a color palette based on your favorite color. Having a go-to palette that inspires you will save you time when it comes to choosing which art supplies to use. More shortcut workshops and ideas will be added each month and this group will always be free. Check out some of the workshops coming up below!

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FREE Workshops Every Month

You'll receive emails and updates in the Facebook group about any new offerings, fast challenges and other tips. The goal of my FB group is that you can find something useful very quickly without having to scroll through tons of chatter.

In September, we worked on organizing and finishing courses we've purchased. Do you know how many courses you've purchased lately?

In October, we had part 2 of our workshop as well as a Facebook Live follow-up to discuss career planning.

In November, I'll offer a brief workshop on Photoshop



How can we organize our supplies so our creativity is enhanced rather than blocked?



How can we manage our online art courses so we do the work that inspires us?



How can we get into flow quickly and take advantage of our time in the studio?

Pen and paper


How can we use our art journals and online blogs or social media to be more productive?

Get to the Art

Hi! I'm Kristina Solheim and I love using my experience as a mixed-media artist and productivity coach to help creative folks like you ignite your art practice!