Find Your Color Palette

Free 5-Day Mini-Course

Find Your Color Palette

You know how you recognize certain artists’ work by the colors they use? Choosing your own color palette will help you develop your own personal art style as well as ease the overwhelm you may feel when you take art courses. This workshop is for artists who find themselves frustrated with a whole world of art supplies and wish they could nrarow in on their own style. Each day's workshop can be completed in 30 minutes or less. It is made to fit into the busiest schedule!  


Kristina Solheim 

In this quick and easy 5-day class, I'm going to show you...

  •  How to find your favorite colors and develop your own palette!
  •  How your color palette makes art courses & retreats a million times easier!
  •  See how working artists use their own color palette to make their style really stand out!
  •  BONUS: How to set up your space so you can start art quickly and with ease!

The live version happened in early August, but will be available to you through the end of 2017! So claim your spot below!