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Step 1


What are you good at?

Check out six ways to generate income as an artist in addition to creating works of art.

Step 2


How much can you make selling art?

Use this chart to price your art and check ou the pricing tips for selling your art online.

Step 3


How much do you need?

Add up your personal budget to your business expenses and subtract your dream income goal and what do you get? The beginning of a path!

Artful Career Academy


Business Expenses

What will it cost to start a new revenue stream like creating an online art course?

Artful Career Academy


Fill out the spreadsheet

Plug your numbers into the Artist Income Plan.


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About the Author

Kristina Solheim

Kristina Solheim

Kimberly is a Career & Business Coach for Mixed-Media Artists in the early stages of their careers. She can be reached by emailing 

“I love art! and especially, working with artists to ignite their art practice and give them the tools they need to reach their goals. With 20 years experience in mixed-media art, I know first-hand how tough it is to learn your craft and create your business at the same time. I'm happy to share my experience and knowledge to help you get there fast!”